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Herbicide Development

Scientifically valid testing to improve herbicide efficiency and explore novel treatments for a major amenity sector distributor-manufacturer

Product testing

Efficacy benchmarking

Literature review

Our client is a major global producer and distributor of herbicides and plant protection products in the amenity and agricultural sectors.

We use our 12 acre testing site to develop and approve herbicide products and invasive species treatments

The company has a range of herbicide products that are widely used in the UK for the control of Japanese knotweed. They approached Advanced Invasives to help them get the best out of their current range of herbicides and explore new methods of treatment.

We undertook both short and long-stage testing of the companies leading suite of products against Japanese knotweed and other invasive plant species at ai:LAB, our private field-trial centre .

A combination of short-stage and long-term trials allow us to more efficiently generate commercially valuable data

Crucially the experiments use a scientifically valid design to ensure the resulting data is both statistically valid and also commercially useful.

Our work on site is now generating commercially useful results and in 2019 we have progressed to the next phase of trials and data analysis.

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