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Evidence Gathering

Methods evaluation and literature review for a global agriculture company

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Methods evaluation

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There's no restriction on who can call themselves a Japanese knotweed expert. So it's no surprise that much of industry best practice is based on anecdotal opinion, regurgitated 'wisdom' and outdated guidance that lacks a firm scientific foundation.

Basic terms are often badly defined and many commercial claims about the efficiency of methods tend to be more an investment of marketing than real science.

We developed a clear and rational tool to evaluate the merits of different methods of Japanese knotweed control

Our client were looking for a consultancy able to independently review the literature on Japanese knotweed treatment, and provide a clear evaluation of the main Japanese knotweed control methods and treatment protocols.

Advanced Invasives produced a summary report of the main academic and grey literature buttressed with over 200 references. We also designed an evaluative tool to easily compare and grade widely varying methods against a practical, yet scientific metric.

Customer profiles allow us to better understand the use of products in different contexts

Unusually for a client used to only reading very technical reporting, we also introduced the idea of using illustrative customer profiles to show how their own suite of products might be used by different people across varying industry contexts, and the broader inter-relations of these products with legislation, environmental concerns and alternative choices.

The combined work package forms a part of a wider evidence-base used to support better executive-level decisions about Japanese knotweed treatment.

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