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    We Solve Invasive Plant Problems



    Advanced Invasives is the leading invasive plant species consultancy in the UK. 


    Founded in 2016 by Dr Dan Jones of Swansea University’s Department of Biosciences, we bring together decades of scientific expertise to tackle the commercial, technical and social problems caused by invasive non-native plant species.


    We understand that our clients’ concerns are not invasive plants in themselves, but rather the uncertainty, legal risks and costly delays arising from them. Our projects cover six key areas:


    - Expert witness

    - Research & product testing

    - Best practice strategy

    - Complex ecological projects

    - Continuing professional development (CPD)

    - Public guidance services





  • Our clients: include engineering firms, public organisations, land developers, herbicide manufacturers, and specialist law firms with an interest in resolving the issues caused by invasive species.

    Our projects: range in size from simple, single site plant control, through to year on year strategy for landowners with nationwide land portfolios and significant public exposure.


    ai:LAB is our 12 acre private field-testing centre in Wales. This facility enables us to undertake research in real-world conditions, informed by the evidence of what really works.


    In 2018 we completed the world's largest field-trial on Japanese knotweed control, setting a new standard for peer reviewed, evidence-led invasive species control. We're now working with globally leading herbicide manufacturers to test and refine novel products.


  • Intelligent strategy, better public understanding, and well designed information is needed to move beyond reactive and costly fire-fighting of invasive plants.


    Project-by-project we are setting a new standard in the industry; thinking that is scientifically credible, environmentally sound, and above all cost effective.