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  • Applied Science. Superior Results.

    Advanced Invasives is the leading invasive plant species consultancy in the UK.


    Founded in 2016 by Dr Dan Jones of Swansea University’s Department of Biosciences, Advanced Invasives brings together decades of scientific expertise to tackle the commercial problems caused by invasive non-native plant species, in particular Japanese knotweed.


    We understand that our clients’ concerns are not invasive plants and their ecology in themselves, but rather the uncertainty, legal risks and costly delays arising from them.


    Uniquely, we are non-partisan to any one plant species or control method, and see physical and chemical treatment of invasive plants as necessary tools, but only the final stages of a more considered, total approach.





  • People

    Dr Dan Jones

    Managing Director

    PhD, MSc, BSc, GCIEEM

    Dan is an Honorary Researcher at Swansea University with over ten years experience across the ecological sector. He founded Advanced Invasives to bring fresh thinking to the industry and bridge the gap between applied research and better public understanding of invasive species. An expert in the sustainable control of invasive non-native plant species, Dan also leads on best practice development.


    Dr Gareth Bruce

    Technical Director

    PhD, BSc

    Gareth has a BSc in Biological Science and a PhD in Plant & Environmental Sciences, where he specialised in Plant Pathology. He has almost a decade of international fieldwork experience in conservation ecology and education, including two years working as an ecologist in the neotropical jungles of Honduras and Peru. Gareth oversees technical reporting at Advanced Invasives and also in-house field trials and testing at ai:LAB.

    Dan Clugston

    Business Director


    A Geography graduate of UCL, Dan Clugston leads on new business development and information design for Advanced Invasives. He spent 5 years working in urban consultancies in London, including pedestrian movement analysts Intelligent Space, and wayfinding studio FWDesign. He has a special focus on using written and graphic principles of communication to map out client services and clarify expert knowledge.

  • Intelligent strategy, better public understanding, and long-term thinking about invasive plant ecology is needed to move beyond reactive and costly fire-fighting.


    Project-by-project we are setting a new standard in the industry; thinking that is scientifically credible, environmentally sound, and above all cost effective.

  • Evidence-led Research. Grounded in Ecology.

    ai:LAB is our 12 acre field-testing site in South Wales. Through ai:LAB we can undertake research into how best to tackle invasive plants in real-world conditions, based on the evidence of what really works.


    In 2018 we completed a 7 year long major field-trial on Japanese knotweed control - the largest in the world to date, testing 19 methods over 3 years of treatment. The research sets a new standard for evidence-led research, and is published in the peer reviewed paper; Optimising Physiochemical Control of Invasive Japanese Knotweed.

  • Our approach: is to solve invasive non-native plant species problems.


    Our clients: include public organisations, land developers, herbicide manufacturers and distributers, and private landowners.

    Our projects: range from simple, single-site invasive plant control, through to multi-year strategy for landowners with nationwide land portfolios and significant public exposure.


    We are: fully certified, insured and accredited to work all invasive non-native plant species in the UK including; Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam, Giant hogweed, Rhododendron and Buddleja.

  • Want to work with us? Let's talk:

    daniel@advancedinvasives.com Managing Director


    Cardiff office (meetings):
    Tramshed Tech, Unit D, Pendyris St, Cardiff, CF11 6BH


    Swansea office (mail and registered office):
    Institute of Life Science 2, Swansea University, Singleton Park, Swansea, SA2 8PP

    Registered in England and Wales, Company no. 10080998






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